Desperate Cock Whore

You fall to your knees at just the thought of sucking cock for me. You are my pathetic cock whore. Or are you? Have you earned that title from me? Or are you lurking in the shadows rubbing your clitty and always craving to sink all the way down?

Forced bi strap-on dildo

Savory Or Sweet Strap-on Sucking – Which do you crave? Whichever I ram down your throat.

You’d do anything to be used by me. To drop into dick slobbering position and choke for me. But are you worthy? Have you earned that excitement? Cock ramming the back of your throat is pointless with out my guidance. You can gag, choke, and moan all you want but without me, it’s meaningless.

cock circle

So as of now you are nothing more than a wanna be bimbo. You dream of letting it all go and owning the title whore. But you are nothing. Nothing to me. Absolutely NOTHING.

Try harder. Amuse Me

amuse me

pay to obey

Greendot… Why? why…

Considering you exist solely on prepaid cash why is there even a need for a limit? So now the rest of the worthless cumcleaner’s moneypak numbers will just have to wait.  Again.

worthless cocksucker

Which, for now, is fine by Me. Only because the worthless cockwhore has been keeping Us satisfied in other ways…  you see, with the weather here in Florida at an all time 20 year low and the insane amount of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret along with other little sexXxy items arriving daily on My doorstep, there has really been no need to leave the house let alone the bed to do any serious spending.

I even picked out an exceptionally fun position in which none of you little dorky losers will be trying, ever.  Appropriately named “KING for a Night” totally not “loser for Life.”


Yet don’t let this inhibit you from dreaming. you still need Me and I still want your cash. But yummy green has been trickling in so freely these past few weeks I have lost all tolerance with the wanking pieces of bullshit.  LET ME REMIND YOU: No cash = no bueno, NO exceptions. There has been an influx of dildos who just can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls… I DO NOT LIKE you. I AM NOT HERE TO PLEASE you. I DO NOT CATER TO you. I am solely here to ensure you spend your manhood away and then are left feeling empty, like the worthless, pathetic, wanking Internet loser you try so hard to hide. I am not answering you because I have no reason to answer you. It is NOT because I must be too busy and you should try back.

Really, why do all the ‘new dommes’ have to be attacked off the scene? They really do take all the wanking pieces of annoyance off Our hands. meh whatever.

I’m going to go back to raping cum craving cock whores by the thou$and$ while while the rest of you wanking puppies leave Me a large collection of msgs marked to spam.

Yea I forgot to add this little gem, which is nothing compared to the rest that is being swept off My regular wishlist…

BTW- I want that teeth whitening led system off amazon. Now.