Say YES To The Dress!

Let Me begin by stating more items are on the way and as I type this even more are being ordered. Piggie Justin is trapped in my ongoing cycle of mindfuck. Will it ever end? Of course not. Why would I let it?

So our “theme” last week was “Say YES To The Dress.” My closet is already bursting at the seams with cute and expensive dresses but it’s never enough now is it, Piggy Justin? And after receiving my invite to Alexandra Snow’s Fetcon PJ footie party, (yes, I had to ask what it was too: “It’s a party where you wear your most awesome/obnoxious footed pjs. Probably happening in our suite ’cause that’s typical.”) Piggie Justin jumped on buying footed jammies for me. He didn’t even give me time to assign it to him. Literally seconds later I receive a DM on twitter begging for the honor.  My fetcon attire is complete… b/c  I already own more than enough fetish themed leather, latex, and lace to have my luggage just barely under the 50lb weight limit.

So without further ado, let’s view the collection!

spoiled hot bitch

Meggerz spoiledfinancial domination

findom meggerzfemdom meggerz

findoms bestgoddess ass worship

Oh and those pants, I couldn’t help myself. Maybe we should have named the binge “Say YES to Meggerz” but ya know… ;P

Addicted for life

This HUGE reward was promised to Piggie Justin and I always keep my word. That, and the fact that I know the more recognition Piggie Justin receives the harder he works. It’s clearly a win/win situation. The rest of you, try and keep up. No need to be jealous of my piggie. Just giving you the encouragement to work A LOT more diligently, keeping your goddess satisfied.

And just to show Piggie Justin up, (clearly because it’s funny to me) Cumdump dropped this little show of appreciation on me the other day. Oh gee. I love Me. spoiled findom

So, I plan on adding a list of ladies I’m shooting with next week at FetishCon tomorrow or Sunday.  Check back if you are interested. I am also looking for subs to use in clips. Email me if you wish to apply. Contact @

And finally, I wanted to write a little bit about what I’ve been up to this past week. I actually ended up meeting Limie in the flesh. He’s in love. ;] And another foot sub who’s been following me for the past 3 years. Interesting stories I could tell. But again, I’ll save that for another date. It’s a friday night and I’ve got places to be. I am a very popular princess after all.

Act A Fool

So. I’ve taken a little time off. To relax and revive Myself.

With that being said, I can’t really be fucked to type about the $1k+ My little lover boy loves to spend on Me.

or Ouchie Poo’s $700 foot cam session where once again I made him bark til he was hoarse.


or muscle’s little binge

Every time I feel like My monthly goals arn’t going to be met I surprise Myself by surpassing them greatly. Can’t believe it’s already the 7th. Better step My goals up and My game ;]

So while I’m not here raping wallets I am out with the girls.

Sarah and I attempted to do a fetish party but had a mishap… yeah so. We attempted it. And took photos. RAWR


I had My already drunk (imagine that) financial intox sub come out from Hoboken and Alcoh-spoil MabelSarah DiAvola, and Myself. A sweet little barhop and some much needed girlie giggle time made My night.

This random dude thought he could shock us with that dildo. Asked us to pose for a photo and sign his shirt. Oh I love The City.

Mabe’s and I did brunch Sunday and met up with Maid Twat for yet another little paid for bar romp. It’s a hard life. Lemme tell you. We are headed out again this Friday. Who’s fighting for this bar tab? hahaha Stupid fools.

And Me, looking hot before meeting Mr Ludacris. Yes, see. I do like some of you black folk.

I need a vacation. Too much to do here.