And With Me Everything Is Worth Suffering For

bikini chastity

Day 18, Friday January 25th

3 more days till Week 3. Ugggghhhh. You probably know this but all your CHASTITY CLIPS ARE BOMB. I must confess that I have googled ways to cum in chastitycum in chastity. So far, its possible through anal penetration and a vibrator. Some guys out there can achieve an orgasm just by shaking their cage (I have tried this numerous times, it doesn’t work!). The silver lining about chastity is that it allows me to live out all of my sexual fantasies such as CEI, SPH, sissification 24/7. It never dies out. The only way I can describe these days: “Hurts So Good”

Looks like I will have to teach jay about the prostate. Would be fun to hear about his orgasm and making him pay that release/cum fee.  SAME THING.

chastity key holding mistress

Two grown ass men with their cocks locked up. My little pets. All because of little ole Me. Little ole Me, holding the keys to two separate little loser cocks. There’s no escaping Me. Emergency release is useless when I have photos of your caged cock and your sad sorry face posing for Me. Your name and where you live. Google would easily destroy your life if I posted you. Don’t think I’d hesitate taking the fee AND ruining you. So vulnerable and pathetic.
And what if… OOPS! I dropped the keys in My cleavage. Common, fish it out, come touch. Let it grow. Feel the pain. The pressure. They agony.
*Strong usage of Blackmail*

Day 19, Friday January 26th

Sending this one early because I have absolutely nothing to do. Weekends are extremely difficult to endure. With additional leisure time, I have no choice but to reflect on my predicament. My dilemma. I want to cum but I CAN’T. My balls have grown to another level. They feel like giant beach balls but instead of air, they’re full of cum. I am also slowly losing my sanity obsessing over You. You have no idea how many times I creep on Your website every day. I can’t get You out of my thoughts.

I know I kiss ass a lot but who wouldn’t if their erections were controlled by someone else? Speaking of ass, YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE.



cum in chastity

Your cock is in My hands now. I know you CAN’T forget it.

And let’s all clap for Andreas. He tried to please Me. $250 in clips and these little cuts of devotion. woo fucking hoo. *bored*

cut for me


Big dick Jonathan keeps begging for a Vegas update so I guess I can do one. Tomorrow. IF and ONLY if cumdump follows through on his task. ;] SECRETS DON’T MAKE FRIENDS. But who needs friends when I have paypigs.

Waynie was destroyed tonight. D E S T R O Y E D

AND that is all.

Chastity Is a Mindfuck


All I care about and look forward to is release. I miss touching my skin, jerkin off, stroking. I wonder how much weak and submissive I will become in the coming days.
Also, gay thoughts are now entertaining my mind. I barely managed to stop myself from sticking something up my ass.

How I felt today: GAY.
How I felt today: Frustrated.

The “slipping out” method with soap and lube DOES NOT WORK with CB 6000 because it’s too tight. Leaving my ball sack forever sore and black.
manhood in the hands of a gorgeous, dominant woman

My key/manhood in the hands of a gorgeous, dominant woman, MILES AWAY.


Well jay, this isn’t enough.

Paid Chastity fees

Total Tributes in 15 days (Including today): $425

Total Tributes + Cost (shipping/cage/clips): $495


30 Days Of Chastity

30 Days Of Chastity

It appears I need to tighten the leash and give My subs a little more guidance and structure.

Key Holding mistress


I am the key holder / 30 day Owner for 2 boys… which must be a new fad for this new year. Resolving to put yourself through pain and suffering for a Mistress is a pretty unforgiving task considering the damage both you and I could do to your cock and reputation. But as long as My boys follow the rules, they don’t risk being blackmailed ruined along with paying their release fee.

Regardless of number of keys / who else may be holding them, I always ensure I’ll take the measures to get My 30 days of payment.

Key Holder

Having your cock throbbing the behind bars that you willingly locked yourself up in has to be excruciatingly  frustrating, but you’re a glutton for punishment.

 So let’s fast forward a bit.


“I can’t recall any recent birthdays where I haven’t jerked off. Driving back from the post office felt very strange. I still have butterflies and I’m currently having second thoughts about this. Alcohol should do a good job of distracting me for now.

One word to describe how I’m feeling today: TRAPPED.”


Day 6

Today was LONG and Brutal. Thankfully, its almost over. Nights are HORRID. I feel very vulnerable and weak early mornings, especially when trying to fight out erections. I often find myself humping the bed/pillow at night at the thought of that key around your neck.

One word to describe how I’m feeling today: HORNY.

slave jay

Day 7 One Week

Pre-cum is developing into an issue. One of these days, I might explode in my cage just by humping.

How I felt today: RESTLESS.

caged cock

The key better be in My box tomorrow. I want something to show off while in Vegas.

keyholdernot allowed to cum

Humiliated on Cam

Well fuck my ass, cut my hair, and drown me in piss!


Nice Hitler hairstache. Bitch wanted something permanent so I decided cutting his hair would be as far as perm as he’d take it. One giant chop off the top, sir!

Oh and don’t overlook the clown nose. I am genius.


Sucked Fucked & Locked up.

fuck my ass

I will be sure to post the key when it comes in the mail. Months of being ignored and buying Me gifts finally paid off. I can own it, I suppose. I mean we share similar interests… cum guzzling and Me.

One last spot open for a Lindsey custom – /

Certified Chastity.

All I had to do was turn My cam on and kendra already slutted her fucking face off. Broke as a motha fuckin joke til Thursday. Looks like raman noodles are even too rich for your kind. But uhm yea you’re welcome for buying My dinner tonight.
Your Credit Card My Hands originally $6.99 was marked up to $49.99 and Anything To Cum for $19.99…
you are a dumb fucking cunt, kendra. Next time you fuck off and come back to Me, it will be worse. I went oh sooo too easy on you.

You’re welcome for the tin of condoms I let you buy, dickbitch.  And that $50 will go to good use on something special too. For Us. Plus the remote control vibrator, stupid top hat and bow tie. BEST SEX EVER while you keep pumping that weewee.

Stupid kendra tried to buy the hat and bow tie also and I had to make her cancel the order to buy post sex cookies. Stop fighting for Me idiots. I will never really have any of you.

Certified Idiot.

chastity idiot

hammer time

Oh here is kendra.