Here, There, Everywhere.

Still waiting on slutty steven‘s flirty flanting photos wearing My panties that the bimbo owes Me. So cute how the whore goes out of her way to send yet ANOTHER [she has been paying Mz Devious repeatedly this way] company check to pay for her filthy habit.

$215 for a pair of panties. What a dumb whore.

Waynieboi sent his “Wayne” shoes My way while I was gone. He also has a huge package to share with Me next time I catch him on YIM. Worn socks, Uggs, and flipflops he won off My ebanned. YUM

I, on the other hand, promised a little showing of all the shoes he has sent My way recently. What is it waynie? 4, 5, 6 pair maybe? And I am listing even more stinky socks I wore all around Peru. They reek to high hell. My poor little feet have never been so stank before. It’s unbelievable.

chuck fucker is a glutton for punishment. Look at all the little goodies she has sent Me in hopes that one day I will get to test them out on her. Can’t wait to receive the floppy penis double the size of your clitty and I AM adding new chucks to the list. I ADORE My zebra prints.

piggy justin, your email was pathetic. Needy and pathetic. Send Me some cash and I will write back. That’s how much I really care.

I have more I could add but all I really wanna do is drink My Bud Light and upload some Peruvian photos to facebook. Bud Light, meh. I don’t usually do beer.

ShitCrackers and Promises

HE HE HE- you know you’re pathetic when’s German drunken cuck foot slut is back again. Begging for a make out clip of Me and the Man with lots of up close foot action.

Honoured Goddess Princess Meggerz,

i could wrap a huge fire cracker in shit and blow it up in my home, so the shit will be litterally everywhere.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? Do it. Maybe then and your $500+ later I might get around to it.

And can’t wait to see if Wayne holds true to his Christian Louboutin reservation.