My Salami Likeem

To the loser who goes by the name Piggy Justin, heed My warning.

Although it is a shame the bank will no longer approve any large transactions, it does not quench My greed. And who comes first, a-rab hmm? Certainly not you. Nor your filthy swiney whiny wifey. After that $1000+ on Me and Princess Vikki’s NYC vaca, I EXPECT bigger and better things. SO Muhammad, (GOD I feel like I am talking to 10 of My little burnt bitches all at the same time, you are ALL named Muhammad…) since the iphone is so near and dear to your slut’s soul, I will be expecting the $400 of it’s worth PLUS another $400 for wasting My time last night.

Or else I will be forced to post all your info. K? Thought so.

And for shits and giggles, johnny pig fairy fag.

And go buy My new clip. It’s fucking HOT.
orgasm control

Stop and Go Orgasm My Way
I had a request to do “red light, green light” and as exciting as that sounded I decided to do it a little differently.
This is easy, it’s just stop and stroke, stop and stroke on My command. I hold the power, the control over your cock and I am going to make sure you are 100% aware of that.

Home for the Holidays

You know when you’re a grown ass man and daddy still keeps an eye on your checking account that you are a pussy loser.

Isn’t that right TYMeggerz? Poor little pathetic bitch was home for the holidays and resolved to give himself to Me fully this year. Let’s see what happens when he can’t afford My attention. I suppose I should go into team viewer and delete all My clips after the $120 greendot and the $100+ of gift cards he received as a gift for Xmas but NAH not even enough cash to waste My time. That’s child’s play. That is really weak Ken.

But I do love that shower curtain in mommy’s bathroom, matches her nightie top and granny panties.

The rest of you little pissies here and there aren’t even worth My time to mention. I’m not in the blogging mood.