A Day In The Life of Yours Truly

This has been the most time I’ve ever taken off camming in as long as I can remember. Who needs the confines of 4 walls and some widows when I have NYC at my disposal?

Jason came through and we somehow managed to turn an otherwise normal evening into a foot party.

public foot worship

meggerz toes at a bar

meggerz facebusting bratty footgirls

Believe it or not I was the only sober one. Doesn’t take much convincing for me to take my shoes off and play dirty. By the way the other chick in the photo, as we like to now call her is Mistress Ursula. She’s got size 6 feet and a true sock fetish. I had to hook a sista up with the life of foot boy exploitation.

Tomorrow evening I will be attending Devine Decadance’s party to hang out with Sahrye, so if you’ve ever wanted to meet me, that would be your best and easiest bet.

You can all thank the whore I call cumdump for these photos. The more I ignore him the more he showers me in gifts. I’ve got loads sitting on my bar stool waiting to be opened. Too much going on to worry myself with gifts. They can wait. Just like the whore does.

IMG_2244 IMG_2245 IMG_2247 IMG_2248

Which is exactly why he paid for Mistress T and myself to fly BUSINESS CLASS to GREECE for 2 weeks and island hop. Yep. I said that right. EPIC fucking ADVENTURE. Whore is wanking so hard to this. And as a properly trained bitch always does, whore thanked us both for the pleasure of being used.

fuck you

The Tampa Recap

I’ve been attempting to write this post for oh I dont know, only about a week or so now – it’s about time, eh? Heh, who am I kidding? We all know the world revolves around Meggerz.

So. It was lovely visiting Florida.  Familiar faces + work-laxing for a couple of days = always enjoyable.  I’m actually headed back down to Florida again the very beginning of June but solely for the purpose of unwinding under the sun. As you know, a lady can never get bored of too much leisure.  ;]

Unfortunately, this past trip I only clocked in a few hours of pool time and with NYC still stuck in the mid 60’s that’s no bueno. My bikinis are missing me.


The majority of my time was wisely used staring into the viewfinder of my video camera or sipping down a sweaty glass of a Kettle Soda. Both usually at the same time. Not too shabby,. Nope, not at all.

And then there’s this bitch.


Fresh off the plane and already ready to get crunk.

Sarah is my booface. She knows it.


Sarah DiavolaJason Ninja, & Myself ready for some Karaoke… or not. If there is one thing I’m not blessed with in this world, it’s a singing voice. BTW- the ladies aren’t amused with your suave-esq smile Jason. 

Obligatory behind the scenes or ‘bts’ shot: Me shooting Sarah shooting Genesis stuffing her foot into Jason’s mouth, gagging the fuck out of him. I always did take pleasure in seeing him take a beating.

foot gagging bratty-foot-girls-clips

^ More proof that too much time was spent shooting.

Young Genesis, such little firecracker and truly reveling in each and every scene we shot. You need to check her out on my sister site PayToObey.com – more clips to come soon.



Ah, and of course Amadahy. Sweet as sugar on ‘vanilla’ time yet really knows how to turn it on. Shot her together with her sub and the chemistry was bubblin hot, right over the edges. Cannot wait to release that scorcher on PayToObey.com.

Roxie and I forgot to snap any photos. I swear it happened.

I finally met Becky LeSabre. Once again, no photos but I swear, it did happen.

All in all I must conclude a great trip. Almost felt like fetcon. Which reminds me, I may not even be attending fetcon this year. I have a sure feeling that a trip to Greece with Mistress T would be sooooo more worth our while. Especially since it’s all on Cumdump’s dime. But you didn’t hear anything from me. At least not yet…

To be continued…

Jet Setting

These past two months were jam packed with arousing adventure and loads of play but I seriously need a break! September IS reserved for much needed ME time!

Princess Monique and I are getting together in a little over a week to film a few short clips but I’m going to lump that into “ME” time as I am looking forward to partying with her after the ‘work’ is done. ;] If you are interested in customs, you know what to do… Contact@Meggerz.com

So there was the ladies retreat to Las Vegas late July. The start of my summer shabang! Go read about it. Next up was Fetcon in Tampa. This year def had a different vibe to it but nonetheless, great to see familiar faces and meeting plenty of new. But I won’t bore you with the details… (click the photos for the full version)

Fetcon Meggerz Sarah

Love My DiAvola!  In case you’re wondering, she was attending an after party, I was not. Very vanilla Meggerz.

Spent TOO MUCH time with these 2… <3

Ceara Lynch Meggerz Mistress T Fetcon

Ceara Lynch & Mistress T
Photo cred Mistress T.


Spent TOO MUCH time with these 2… <3 and a lot of time on that couch.

Ivy Sinn, Mistress T, Myself, Sarah Diavola


Mistress T, Sarah’s Ass, Me
Photo cred Mistress T.


Ashley fires MistressT Alexandra Snow Ceara Lynch Clips4sale

Ashley Fires, Mistress T, Alexandra Snow, Ceara Lynch, Meggerz @ the Clips4sale booth.
Photo cred Mistress T.


Amadahy, Ceara, Meggerz, Snow, Sarah Blake, Justine Joli, Larkin, Mistress T & Evelyn Milano.


Finally met Astro Kittie!


Amadahy pantyhose pretzel Learned some new positions from Goddess Amadahy.


Humiliation POV small penis big dildo

And scored this fine specimen for HumiliationPOV.com


Alexandra Snow, Ceara Lynch, Cheyene Jewell Meggerz Pajamas

Ceara Lynch, Alexandra Snow, Cheyenne Jewell Meggerz ready for the Pajama Party hosted by Alexandra Snow!
Photo cred Seraphim’s photo.


Meggerz Shauna Ryanne Fetcon

And the photos wouldn’t be complete without me and my girl Shauna Ryanne.
Photo cred Kenny Lee.

I’d also like to mention I shared a bed with Star and was NOT disappointed… we all know I get around ;] Amiee Cambridge is a brat with a brain. We chatted biology over Kettle soda’s pool side. Chi is my nigg[a]er. And Goddess XTC  and I both share the desire to let the stupid die. Slowly.

Flew back to NYC for a week to unpack only to pack again for LAX. I’m a jet setter. I live the life. Oh and did I mention 2 of the 3 trips were paid for by the Cumdump? Throw in Cali’s expenses next payment. It’s better for you this way. Neglected for a week and paying dearly for it.

LA / The OC / San Diego was well worth the trip. Got to see an old friend, cruise around a bit to good music, and throw some ideas around.

Meggerz Sunset

Dress looks familiar Piggie Justin?
Rooftop wedding in San Diego.

I didn’t take many photos, which is usual hence Mistress T’s name in all the photo cred. I did, however drive an Aston Martin and cruise around in a Ferrari. I’m a car snob so this made me happy.

aston martin

Meggerz Pacific Coast Highway

ferrari's make me wet

I’ve saved the best for last. If you’ve made it thus far then you are on the in. I have some really big plans I will be attempting to execute within the next few months.  No I will not tell you. Stay tuned.

What Happens In Vegas…

I just wanted to touch on the recent Vegas vacation a few of us lovely ladies (Domina SnowCeara LynchMandy Flores, & Princess Rene) partook in and  think Mistress T summed it up best. (Make sure you check out her blog and twitter for some pretty candid and sexy photos.)

“Going to conventions/traveling to meet & make friends with others in this biz has been very fulfilling for me.” -Ms T

Mistress T Meggerz Vegas

My absolute fav. I’m totally assed out.

I am extremely lucky and feel very loved being invited to spend a couple days relaxing and learning from these top notch, successful women. Thanks again, gals!

I, unlike Mistress T, did a horrible time snapping photos. I get no photo cred. You can thank the others for taking so many. Also the snazzy Hyde Bellagio Las Vegas Nightclub photographer.

Princess Rene, Mandy Flores, Meggerz in Vegas

Alexandra Snow, Mistress T, Meggerz, Princess Rene, Mandy Flores, Ceara Lynch Vegas

Oh and be sure to ask Ceara Lynch for the special photos. I’m sure she’d love to share. 😛


Custom Clips: Pocahontas Jones – Amara Noir – Miss Varla – SavannahFox

Shooting with Amara Noir And Miss Varla tomorrow May 21st. Short notice but customs are welcome.
(click the pic to enlarge)

miss varla

  Miss Varla

amara noir

  Amara Noir

 Pocahontas Jones and Savannah Fox the 24th.

  Pocahontas Jones

Savannah fox

Savannah Fox

 I can and/or will be in the clips and a male sub is available. Order your paid customs NOW. contact@meggerz.com