cumdump = car

cuckfuck‘s items are slowly trickling in… Waiting for it ALL to post it ALL unwrapped.

And the cumdump has not been keeping up with ‘it’s’ daily duty of cock meditation as instructed. What a wasted shame. Such an easy task even a blindfold monkey could have done it. Are you more fucking stupid then a blind folded monkey, slut? Appears so.
No bother to Me though. My stupid shit will just make up for it in cash which I know it is good for.
I am thinking about a new car. There is nothing wrong with My Acura that I have now except that it is an 02 and I deserve something more 2011.

I wonder how the cock bait will plan on paying. WU? Account transfer? Remember to keep each one under 10k so I don’t get taxed. whore will be paying for it ALL.

After all, it is ALL about ME.

I can’t wait to post pics.

check your email. It’s time to buy.

fairyfag cuck and fat

Not in the blogging mood. But quick update.
I’ve got fairyfag spokane sucking black tranny cock for Me.
I’ve got cuckfuck andrew paying for everyone’s dinner and another $800 on outfits and jewelery for dates.
cuckold pays for My date

I’ve got assfat drinking, drawing pigs on himself and washing his hair in ketchup.

drunk loser drunk piggy forced intox

And the rest of you know who you are but aren’t worth a mention.

Glory Hole Cock

Honey coated sugar sluts and encrusted bitches! I love My life. Really I do. Taxes will be a pain in My royal ass but I already know cumdump will be sending My bank transfer to pay the IRS off. Isn’t that right cockbait? Oh the good life! So why bother even thinking about right? Right. Instead let’s focus our attention onto JSpokane. Hard core pig dick sucking fanatic. Tonight I took him on a little adventure down to the ol’ glory hole. A glory hole is a hole in a wall, or other partition, often between public lavatory stalls or adult video arcade booths for people to engage in sexual activity or observe the person in the next cubicle while one or both parties masturbate.[1] The partition maintains anonymity. Pig opened wide and took a nice cock. How do I know this? I was watching the whole thing while he did a skype video with his iphone. His little friend blew a load down the back of JSpokane’s throat and then walked right out of the room!  What a used whore.

yea I know it’s hard to see.. First of all I was BEGGED not to show face, secondly the video quality in the recording sucked ass. But I saw it all with My own eyes.

I MADE PIGGY INTO A COCK SUCKING WHORE. The rest of you in training should be ashamed of yourselves you have practicing for so long and this little eager beaver comes out of no where and in no time cock sucks the rest of you right out of the water.

Of course once home I had to train him more fully on taking it up the cunt so W/we used a condom full of frozen cum and a dildo. I saved the money shot.

And don’t forget to sign up to Glam



Miss donna is a mess

Hunny, you need a diet plan. I know I keep mentioning it but daaaaayum if I don’t need to get on it! My bra and dress look a hot mess on you!
Oh and that little giggle at 1:53 just confirmed to Me, if there were ever a doubt in My mind, that you were destined to be a sissy bitch!

Were you rubbing your breast while sucking that cock? hahaha wow. suck suck suck.

Surprise My little bitch with some sissy goodies!

btw- I want those Nike 6.0 low dunks.