My Biggest Fan[s]

I mentioned I’d be attending Devine Decadance’s party the other night and only one lucky ‘fan boy’ had the balls to show up. He was so privileged in fact, I allowed him to buy me a few drinks, drive me home, and sit at the foot of my bed & massage me. So to the other idiots who sent me emails and offline msgs apologizing, explaining why you couldn’t make it… pft- your loss fools, not mine. More photos can be found inside my member’s only area.

public foot humiliation Enchantress Sahrye & Princess Meggerz

I had a lovely evening watching the performances and chatting with Sahrye. Thanks for inviting me, babe. ;]

My blog’s been way too vanilla lately so I hopped on cam last night to spice it up. And this happened.
dancing pig
First we have the dancing pig. Dancing pig asked if he could twerk for me. Of fucking course I said yes. I mean, did you look at him!? Nasty fat in all the wrong places. I’m not sure if this idiot really had no idea what twerking was or if he was just too disgusting to pull it off. He put his hands on the sink and basically did some belly dancing wiggle. Let’s leave it to the pretty ladies, ok pig?
Pig also pissed all over the hotel’s bathroom floor, slurped it all up, fucked his cunt with his piggy tail butt plug, jizzed on the bathroom floor and once again slurped his filth up. Winner winner piggy dinner.

W, my drunken idiot. Always doing something stupid to make me laugh. I took some video of him… maybe one day I will actually put it together into something fun and show his mother. He’d like that.

And Jim. Jim loves me. I sit on cam and edit clips, browse Amazon, eat the delivery he paid for, bullshit and yet I am still adored.
Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.41.06 PM
I said it before and I’ll say it again: I have such a hard life. Right Cumdump? haha

findom payday

I have more big news but prefer to write a separate blog post on Greece. Stay tuned bitches!

Submissive Slaves on Cam for Cash

Look who dropped in for another $1k tribute. It’s beginning to play out like clockwork. My little Limie is such a selfless, obedient boy. I pay him absolutely no mind yet he still, when feeling horny and weak without any interaction at all, attempts to make my night. It always results in me smiling and sending him an email of encouragement to let him know I am very pleased.

Tribute Mistress

And THAT is how I define one as an exemplary sub; I reach out to you. He deserves the first mention. He certainly earned it.


Cum glutton, the one who gave us the failed attempt at the self facial, came back the following evening with even bigger and better (failed) aim. Literally. He voluntarily paid to have his face removed from my previous post and then again to perform an even more (failed) ambitious goal of a self given golden shower. No way he’d clear that bulbous gut with only his tiny penis shaft as a means of propulsion.

self given golden shower

As you can clearly see, his nerves got the best of him. Apparently it proves too difficult to pee while I am present. Add in the the fact that I was expecting something impressive out of him and his concentration was completely destroyed. So naturally me being me, I had him rub it all over his face and pretended like something out of him went as planned. Contact Me with another tribute if you want this gif edited too. ;]


W, however, succeeded in laying an egg.

Ok I’m lying. But he was successful in shoving a raw egg up his asshole, shitting it out, and cracking it against his forehead amongst a few other things. (I think he tore something. That’s not poo, it was red… Ack!)

Let’s hope mummy and daddy don’t discover your dirty little secret. You’d really be fucked then, right W? Such a drunk slut. It’s ok, I love it!

So now I’ll leave you with two exciting tidbits.

1. Cumdump will most likely wank to this photo repeatedly until I make him another private clip. ;]


2. I will be spending next week in Vegas with Alexandra Snow, Mistress T, Ceara Lynch, and a few other lovely ladies I am looking forward to unwinding with. Who knows what might ensue. Pure PanDOMonium! 😛 Yes. I just said that.


And With Me Everything Is Worth Suffering For

bikini chastity

Day 18, Friday January 25th

3 more days till Week 3. Ugggghhhh. You probably know this but all your CHASTITY CLIPS ARE BOMB. I must confess that I have googled ways to cum in chastitycum in chastity. So far, its possible through anal penetration and a vibrator. Some guys out there can achieve an orgasm just by shaking their cage (I have tried this numerous times, it doesn’t work!). The silver lining about chastity is that it allows me to live out all of my sexual fantasies such as CEI, SPH, sissification 24/7. It never dies out. The only way I can describe these days: “Hurts So Good”

Looks like I will have to teach jay about the prostate. Would be fun to hear about his orgasm and making him pay that release/cum fee.  SAME THING.

chastity key holding mistress

Two grown ass men with their cocks locked up. My little pets. All because of little ole Me. Little ole Me, holding the keys to two separate little loser cocks. There’s no escaping Me. Emergency release is useless when I have photos of your caged cock and your sad sorry face posing for Me. Your name and where you live. Google would easily destroy your life if I posted you. Don’t think I’d hesitate taking the fee AND ruining you. So vulnerable and pathetic.
And what if… OOPS! I dropped the keys in My cleavage. Common, fish it out, come touch. Let it grow. Feel the pain. The pressure. They agony.
*Strong usage of Blackmail*

Day 19, Friday January 26th

Sending this one early because I have absolutely nothing to do. Weekends are extremely difficult to endure. With additional leisure time, I have no choice but to reflect on my predicament. My dilemma. I want to cum but I CAN’T. My balls have grown to another level. They feel like giant beach balls but instead of air, they’re full of cum. I am also slowly losing my sanity obsessing over You. You have no idea how many times I creep on Your website every day. I can’t get You out of my thoughts.

I know I kiss ass a lot but who wouldn’t if their erections were controlled by someone else? Speaking of ass, YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE.



cum in chastity

Your cock is in My hands now. I know you CAN’T forget it.

And let’s all clap for Andreas. He tried to please Me. $250 in clips and these little cuts of devotion. woo fucking hoo. *bored*

cut for me


Big dick Jonathan keeps begging for a Vegas update so I guess I can do one. Tomorrow. IF and ONLY if cumdump follows through on his task. ;] SECRETS DON’T MAKE FRIENDS. But who needs friends when I have paypigs.

Waynie was destroyed tonight. D E S T R O Y E D

AND that is all.

Love Letters

Dear Princess Meggerz,

You are one of the most phenomenal people I know on the internet. Your understanding of how to manipulate, control, and dominate others fundamentally, financially, and mentally is unparalleled compared to other financial dominatrices I have seen.  Calling you a financial dominatrix is an understatement. You are more of a Goddess compared to them. It’s clear to see that you actually enjoy making people your complete and utter bitches and controlling their lifestyles. It’s such a joy to see it and I wish I can be a part of it. As a college student and only at the age of 18, living in California, I struggle at finding a job. I manage to buy your clips from time to time using my financial aid money. It helps me study so much hearing you humiliate me. My first paycheck will undoubtedly go to you, Princess Meggerz and most probably my second and third, and so on. You are truly a phenomenal Goddess and I love how you have taken the internet by storm. I wish to only be of some aid to you until the time I can acquire a job. Anythhing I may help you with, I’d be willing to do wholeheartedly with a smile on my face. I know you are a tremendously busy Goddess and you have no time for an insignificant wretch like me, so I do not expect a reply, but I just wanted to say you’re simply an amazing Goddess!

– A Slave that Adores You